Monday, October 29, 2007

2,500 Miles Later...New York

So the Oilers tie the game on a shorthanded goal with just over a minute to play. Normally I'd be excited, but I had a plane to catch. I'm still trying to figure out how a team that's up 2-1 and on a power play loses the game. Giguere was beaten in the shootout by an incredible move by Edmonton's 18 year old Sam Gagner, and that was that.

As soon as the game ended, I sprinted across the parking lot to find the car and try to beat the traffic. My iPhone has a cool feature that overlays maps with live traffic on the highways in red, yellow and green. My route to LAX was green all the way and I made my flight with a few minutes to spare. United even upgraded me to first class, although I fell asleep before they brought the Dom Perignon around*. Now here i am in the Big Apple.

*Apparently, the Dom was only in my dreams.

I'm just about to visit the new NHL retail store in Manhattan, which looks like it has cool stuff inside, then take the Subway down to the Garden to see the Broadway Blueshirts battle the Bolts in Monday Night Hockey!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering how you made out with the game going to a SO.

This is one game you wont be cheering for the home team, right?

Addy said...

Good stuff, really enjoy reading the updates. It was Sam Gagner not Sean Gauthier that scored the winner for the record haha.

Looking forward to hearing how you like General Motors Place in Vancouver.

Anonymous said...

Getting tired from the hectic travel yet? Enjoy the game at the Bell Centre tomorrow, go Habs go!

Steve Williamson said...

Thanks addy, I was typing on the fly and thought I may be wrong, but didn't have time to check his name. All fixed now.