Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bonjour de Montreal, Mes Amis

Somebody tell my boss to get the "help wanted" ad ready, because I'm not coming home! I'm sitting here in the Bell Centre in Montreal and it's an unbelievable experience. Hearing the deep-voiced anthem singer belt out "Oh Canada" in French and English while 21,000 fans matched him word for word was incredible. Then they leave the red carpet on the ice and out comes a silver haired gent in a dapper suit. The crowd goes wild as the legendary Henri Richard takes a bow. They give the Pocket Rocket a lengthy standing ovation and I have chills running through my body before the game even starts. It's a Tuesday night game for Les Habitants against a last place team, yet when the ref drops the puck, there's not an empty seat in the house. I'm ready to move here, 'cause this place rocks! Tres Bon!

I'm meeting a writer from The Hockey News after the game, and am staying at a hotel only 200 yards from the arena so I should have time to tell some stories later tonight! Go Habs Go!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Steve hope you have a great time in Montreal. I met you in Orlando at the Tiki bar with Carey. I am the Canadian who told you get smoked meat when you are there. Been following so far. keep up the good work and have fun.e-mailed media too for your cool experience.
Graeme Bulloch