Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Leafs Fall Asleep Late, Just Like Me!

For the first time in a couple of weeks, I slept late this morning, just like the Maple Leafs did last night. After taking an early 2-0 lead, Toronto fell asleep and let the Bruins skate by them for four unanswered goals late in the game.

The Toronto media were whining that it was poor form for Boston to start rookie goalie, Tuukka Rask (what a great name) in his first NHL game in front of Maple Leafs managment, who they traded him from Toronto to Boston in exchange for Andrew Raycroft, who has been so weak in the Leafs net, they were forced to trade high drafts picks to get Vesa Toskala from the Sharks instead. Rask looked a bit shaky, but made some big saves to get the win.

The Air Canada Centre is built to maximize every possible revenue stream. The platinum seats down low have individual private boxes behind them. You can't see the game from in there, but you can eat and drink to your heart's content. There are, private boxes, skyboxes, luxury boxes, every kind of box imaginable. Hey, there were even a few seats left for regular fans too! Toronto is still a tough ticket, despite not winning a cup in 40 years.

My seats were up in the 300 level, courtesy of my new friend Geoffrey, who gave me a thorough tour that included every nook and cranny of the building, from the locker room hallway, to the aforementioned suites, to Rickard's Brewery where they make beer. This unauthorized tour was possible because Geoffrey seemed to know every single usher in the entire arena, who waved us through every door with a smile. We were an odd pairing as we walked around the concourse, fans greeting me, and ushers gushing over him!

I bought a $13.00 beer at the ACC, a record that I'm sure won't be beaten. It was a big beer, and it was Molson Canadian, which tastes great, but it was still a $13 beer!

Here's a picture from the game that seems to sum up my trip pretty well!

I have an easy drive down to Buffalo today and with just four games left, I'm beginning to think about what happens after my trip ends on Saturday. I'm trying to imagine what my own bed feels like, but I just can't remember!


Anonymous said...

unfortunate that you had to see the leafs blow yet another lead, but i suppose thats how they do...saw u on versus last night in your short interview...hope the next 4 games are good for you..and hopefully the weather holds up...good luck and safe travels...its been fun reading the blog...

Unknown said...

Got your Nashville plans set yet?
Don't forget to give us bloggers a ring. We can help you around town, etc. No real plans for me on Thanksgiving itself (other than the game) at this point

Anonymous said...

What Toronto media were whining about Rask starting? It was definitely something worth pointing out, but I didn't hear anyone actually whining about it. If anything, people are still sore about giving up such a good goalie for Raycroft (those of us who watch Junior hockey knew that Rask was something special before he was drafted). So, were they whining about the trade, or the start?

I found it interesting that the night before this game, you watched your team lose a 2 goal lead in a "great" hockey game due to a bad call by referee Jackson, but this was due to the Leafs falling asleep. I guess calling the Leafs hapless before the game was an indication that you had already made up your mind about how the Leafs were going to look to you.

The calls against the Bruins were weird - well two of them anyway. Lucic (charging? hardly) and too many men on the ice - how far away from the boards and not in the play do you have to BE in order to not be considered an on-ice player? We sure could've used a REAL call just before the 3rd goal when a Boston player (Sturm?) just punched Tlusty in the face out of nowhere, knocking him to the ice and allowing a short-handed decent opportunity for Boston.

Well yesterday was a disappointment all around. Thanks for letting me use your page to let it out. Enjoy the rest of your trip and I'm glad that you enjoyed your ridiculously priced beer. Man, if you're gonna pay that much though, why not buy a better beer?

- desdemona

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,
there is a story in Canada's National Post on you today. It's been fun following your trip.

Anonymous said...

welcome to buffalo...enjoy the game...because the weather sure is crap tonight

Anonymous said...

someone is upset that their team hasnt won since 67...

Anonymous said...

tsk tsk..
the pain of being a maple leafs fan is plain for all to see.

back on topic, enjoy the last games of your amazing tour man. it's been fun following it every day. cheers.