Friday, November 16, 2007

Whatever I Ate In Edmonton Did Me In!

Earlier today, I had plans to tell you all about my memorable visit to Edmonton's Rexall Place. But I had my first serious problem instead. I ate something in Edmonton last night that knocked my stomach for a loop. I'm guessing it was a bad hot dog! I was fine when I boarded the redeye, but about an hour into the flight, I started feeling really sick. I got no sleep on the plane and was drained today. I've been slurping Gatorade all afternoon to rehydrate myself and am feeling way better now.

I have been reunited with my power cord, so I will be back on the computer with pictures from Western Canada shortly. Typing on the iPhone is getting old!

Just about to go watch the Blues and Blue Jackets. It's Al McInnis night in St. Louis. Sorry for the short entry today, I'll be back to normal tomorrow (and will stay away from the hog dogs tonight!).


Anonymous said...

That is what Edmonton will do to you everytime if you stay too long. MAKE YOU SICK to your stomach

Anonymous said...

That's a shame, I was hoping you'd have a real good time in Edmonton. Hope your feeling better.

To the other poster, being in Edmonton won't make you sick every time, watching the Minnesota Wild will! ;)

Anonymous said...

too bad about getting sick
you need more than a day to really grasp the culture of edmonton..Whyte ave..west edmonton mall etc.