Monday, October 22, 2007

Almost Time For Me To Fly

All of my flights are booked (if you’re a travel geek like me, here’s the flight schedule) and now I’m beginning to make all of the arrangements for hotels, and rental cars and game tickets. Part of the fun of this trip is keeping my options open, so if I get suggestions on a great little hotel to stay at, or someone invites me to sit with them in their corporate box at the game, I can.

I have friends in a few cities along the way who are helping me out, but I’ll be traveling to most of the games by myself. My schedule is not geographically perfect, meaning I’ll be criss-crossing across the country and will be flying to 25 of the 30 games. I love to fly, but I’m praying that the weather gods like hockey too and that I won’t be hit by blizzards, hurricanes, or striking air traffic controllers along the way.

You can probably tell that this is my first blog, and I’m open to suggestions to make it more engaging. I hope that once I begin 30 Games In 30 Nights that you’ll come back and follow along vicariously every day!

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