Thursday, October 25, 2007

Headin' To Hockeytown

Short note today, because there’s so much still to do before I leave.

One of my favorite words is “Free”. For Game 1 tomorrow in Detroit, I’ll be staying at the Hampton Inn in Northville. Most Hampton Inns have free breakfast, free wireless internet, free parking and in this case, my room is free as well. Hampton Inns are part of the Hilton chain and I have a bunch of Hilton HHonors points dating back to when I worked in Japan and lived in the Osaka Hilton for nine months.

During 30 Games In 30 Nights, I’ll try to stay loyal to Hilton as long as their prices are competitive, and in some cities, I’ll redeem points for free rooms. In Detroit, I will be spending 10k HHonors points for my room, although most cities only have 20k points awards. I’d rather spend $100 for a room and build up more points than “waste” 20k points on a cheap room. I’ll be staying in quite a few Hamptons along the way.

I bought a set of Space Bags “As seen on TV”, yesterday. They’re those bags you see in the infomercials that squish bulky clothes down to save space by vacuuming the air out of them. We'll see if I wasted my $9.95 soon enough when I try to stuff my ski jacket in there!

Tomorrow’s AirTran flight to Detroit is on a Boeing 717, which has just about the smallest “pitch” of any U.S. airliner (30”). “Pitch” is the fancy name that describes legroom on a plane. Fortunately, I’m in seat 10F, which is in the first row of coach, with only a curtain in front of me, not a bulkhead. I’m not tall, only 5’ 11”, but like a hockey player, I like to stretch my legs too!

More tomorrow from the Motor City!

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