Friday, October 26, 2007

Time To Drop The Puck

I've made it to Detroit, a city that has a sports radio station on the FM dial, WXYT, which beat the heck out of having to listen to Britney Spears on the ride in from the airport. The highlight of the show was a live Fantasy Draft, not a football or hockey draft, but a Cheap Beer draft! Yes, each of the four co-hosts selected his own favorite cheap beer in a three round draft, them the listeners could vote on the best team of beers. Oh so strange, but true. Stroh's was the first beer taken, and much to my surprise, Pabst Blue Ribbon wasn't taken until late in the third round.

I'm just about to head downtown for Game 1, Red Wings vs San Jose. Thanks to the Wings PR folks, I'm hooked up with a ticket and here we's finally time to drop the puck on this adventure!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Detroit, Steve! Should be a great game tonite. Were you contacted by one of our local TV stations? I gave an anchor friend of mine your information and told him to pass it along to his sports department. In any case, have fun at the Joe.


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve
Finally on the road/in the air!

Did the 'Space Bag' work so that you could fit your ski jacket?


Steve Williamson said...


No TV, but thanks for spreading the word!


Space Bags rock! My ski jacket is safely squished and sealed tight.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on the Space Bags. :thumbs up:
I always get accused of overpacking so now I can do it with impunity!

Anonymous said...

You remind me of my early passion for the Wembley Monarchs 1947-8 (London). Every home game was a thrill especially with free begged for rinkside tix!
Loved the way you could hear every muttered oath
by the players through the wire screen each end!
Enjoy the whole trip - good luck - Joy